Garden Orchid

Anthura is one of the top 10 biggest Orchid breeders in the world that is developing a new kind of orchid. As a BtoB company they decided to introduce the new Orchid as a BtoC brand and asked our expertise to help them to introduce and build the brand.

Garden Orchid is the first Orchid that survives in winter and grows in early spring. It adds some colour to the most dark and moist spots of the garden. Every year, after winter, the plant expands a little and returns with flowers.  



Logo design
Identity design

During the design process the client was still fully developing its product. Therefore we had to overcome some essential barriers. For example there were hardly any good pictures of the product available. And for sales instore you would only see a little stalk in the pot. For consumers a bit hard to judge what they are buying.

Inspired by the botanical style we chose to illustrate the plants by hand and make the packaging in a high size so the whole plant can be shown in full bloom. In this way the consumer immediately has an impression of the promise of the plant. To create a contrast, with the organic soft drawn illustrations, we designed a recognisable, clean logo but with a playful element by combining the letters. The frame indicates the frame of the garden. Together with the illustrations we’ve selected a fresh color palette that feels like ‘a tropical paradise in your own garden’ in a visual way.  

All the illustrations are crafted by hand. The design inspired on the botanical style. We drew the essential element of every orchid separately so we could create flexible flower combinations and looks. By doing this all the designs were created unique en divers.

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