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In the beginning of 2017, Bertine and Mike, the owners of Handles and more asked HLO Creative to help them to bring their brand to the next level. They wanted to have a more professional look and feel. After an interesting meet-up we advised a rebranding to really bring their awesome products to the next level and helped Handles to speak to international clients.

Handles and more products are simple and no nonsense products made from leather, linnen, wood and steel. All products are an add-on to your furniture or interior.


Handles and more
Since 2017



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Identity design

The challenge that Handles and more presented to us was that they wanted to set up a very comprehensive, eye-catching packaging line with a minimal budget. Because of the wide and diverse range of Handles and More, it was not possible to opt for one standard form of packaging.

Each package has been designed in such a way that the product in it is the hero and becomes one with the packaging. A challenge was that all different packaging together had to form one clear line, since the products are all presented together in the store. Handles and More also have a webshop; product packaging should therefore not be too big or heavy, because it entails more costs in shipping. Finally, it is important that the product is clearly visible on the shelf, so that the consumer can easily make a choice.

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