Love my salad

Rijkzwaan, a world player in breeding vegetable seeds asked HLO Creative to help them rebrand their consumer focussed platform ‘Love my Salad’.

Love my Salad is a consumer platform that aims to put vegetables literally and figuratively, on the map. Working with a large network of chefs, food bloggers, nutrition experts and vegetable growers they inspire consumers around the globe to eat more vegetables.



Love my salad

client since 2010


Logo design
Identity design

With over 200 website contributors and 250.000 followers in more than 20 countries, we needed the brand to be flexible. We choose for an illustrative logo where you see al sorts of vegetables. In that way we were able to bring the brand to a bigger audience. We selected a broad colourpallete to work with. In this brand the vegetables are the hero and that’s why the logo transforms into every veggie colour there is, depending the image accompanying it.

As the brand was growing we developed marketing products and a design toolbox that can be used by Love my salad contributors all over the world. By sharing a clear brandstory, a prominent style, tone of voice and brand identity it helps people to discover the joy of vegetables even more!

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