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Packaging design Harvest House Grilled Vegetables

Harvest House launched a new product concept at the end of 2014: vegetables for in the oven and for on the BBQ. We developed the brand identity, including the name, image building and the total look and feel of the product.

2 weeks to set up the project | 15 hours of non-stop grilling as preparation | 12 hours of looking for nice, friendly and enthusiastic models | 25 crates full of attractive styling items | 1 robust wooden door | 7 adult models | 4 child models | 3 stylists | 1 photographer | 1 art director | 1 make-up artist | 1 clothing stylist | 1 fantastic location | 3 different scenes | 3 days of sore muscles | 2 bottles of wine to toast together to the successful completion!

An impression of the photo shoot:

Custom-made illustrations for the preparation of the product

HLO has a fresh critical perspective on topical themes and often sees exactly what we have overlooked. Thanks to the short lines of communication, they can respond quickly and together we are able to achieve surprising results.

Yvonne Geurten | Marketing Director Harvest House