Creative Design Agency is a provider of an all-in-one media package for consumers. It is difficult to really distinguish yourself in this very competitive market. Within a limited budget and time frame, wanted to strengthen its position in the Dutch market. HLO came up with a concept, whereby of course the product range would be promoted, but also the name awareness would be increased.

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The summer campaign was given a tropical jest, the ‘O’ of became a large rubber swimming pool. This concept line was further translated into the fall and winter campaign. Uniform elements were the retro look and the text that always started with the letter ‘O’ .. but then pronounced differently each time. In addition to the television campaigns, there was a nation-wide campaign online, on bus stops, billboards and even with air plane banners.

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since 2012

"HLO is personal, flexible and involved in the whole conceptual process! As a result, tight deadlines can be realised, which is very welcome in the hectic telecom world."

Menno Nagtegaal | Head of Marketing Communications