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Anthura - Garden Orchid

Anthura is one of the top 10 biggest breeders of orchids that introduces a new breed of orchids. These amazing orchids are specially made to grow in the darkest spot of the garden. This brand is Anthuras first brand fully focussed on consumers.

Strategy | Branding | Identity | Visualisation | Packaging | Website | Social Media

Rijkzwaan - Love my salad

Rijkzwaan is a worldplayer in breeding vegetable seeds and asked HLO Creative to help them rebrand their consumer focussed platform ‘Love my Salad’.

Strategy | Branding | Identity | Image styling | Illustration | Packaging  | Social Media


Driscoll’s is an American berry company that came in 2006 to Europe to expand their business. We have been helping since 2008 to build the Driscoll’s brand in EMEA.

Strategy | Branding | Image Building| Stand Design | Job-marketing | Video | Animation | Identity | Visualisation | Packaging | Website | Social Media

Handles and more

In the beginning of 2017 Bertine and Mike the owners of Handles and more asked HLO Creative to help them to bring their brand to the next level. They wanted to have a more professional look and feel. After an interesting meet-up we advised a rebranding to really bring their awesome products to the next level and help Handles to speak to international clients.

Strategy | Branding | In Store | Identity | Illustration | Visualisation | Packaging

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