Locals & Nomads

We are a diverse bunch of people

Diversity is what makes us unique and challenges us to go beyond. What unites us is our HLO heart, which always beats to an upbeat rhythm. We all want to keep growing, we are never too old to learn and we push each other to get the best results out of ourselves as well as the team. You can meet some of our diverse talents in our office in The Netherlands, while others are travelling the world or living abroad. This creates a hyper flexible work environment, focussed on solutions that fit the culture of your brand.

Meet our local team


Strategy Director


Creative Director


Creative Producer


DTP & Animation


Design & Branding


Web & Social Design


Account & Office






Social Designer



Our people rock!

No egos

In our office, it’s never about individual egos. We always say ‘we’ unless it’s to personally take responsibility for a mistake. 

Growth mindset

This daily attitude, yeah it sounds logical, but a HLO’er sees obstacles as opportunities. 


We do what we say and what we do, with respect for people and the planet at our core. 

Looking for an internship?

HLO has an internship program that takes off each year in september and in januari. But listen, we’re spoilt. Sometimes we receive more applications than we can handle. Please make sure you’re are competent on the following:

  • I’m available for 4-6 months
  • I study design/animation/DTP/UX
  • I have a portfolio with explanation of my work.
  • I have a clear motivation why I want to intern at HLO
  • I have a MBO4 level
  • I work with a possitive and get-it-done attitude

Looking for a local job?

We’re always on the lookout for new talent. But when we say talent, we mean real talent. Don’t confuse that with the idea of big, polished and sash wearing designers. Because talent comes in all kind of development stages and we are all about a growth-mindset.

Want to become an HLO nomad?

HLO nomads are creative people we work with, situated world wide.
This way we can get a lot of work done in a short period of time, select the best creatives fit for the job and share borderless inspiration. We believe that collaboration is more than a creative get-together. It really enhances the way we work, it can turn a good idea into a brilliant outcome!

Please make sure you submit the following in you application:

  • Your portfolio with notes about your vision
  • Your location

HLO Foodvalley

Bronland 12H
6708 WH Wageningen

HLO Studio

Torenstraat 144C
2513 BW The Hague


+31 (0) 70 350 2853


+31 (0) 70 350 2853

HLO Studio

Torenstraat 144C
2513 BW The Hague

HLO Foodvalley

Bronland 12H
6708 WH Wageningen